Sabine Hagen

Registered Reflexology Therapist

The Human body has always fascinated me, from its mobility to its ability to heal. Each part is
connected and the systems support each other. It wants to be in balance.
This fascination has lead me to become a Reflexology Therapist. Registered with the Reflexology Association of Canada. Offering Foot and Hand Treatments. I integrate the Manzaneres Method of Reflexology in my treatments.

Reflexology is the study of reflexes.
Reflexes are clusters of nervous tissue located through out the body, especially in the hand feet and
ears. Reflex points are directly connected through the Peripheral Nervous System to specific parts,
organs, and glands of the body. Stimulating reflex points relieves tension, improves circulation, and
promotes balance to all the systems of the body.
When not offering reflexology, you will find me teaching / practicing yoga, or playing in nature.

My Offerings are
initial consultation and treatment 1 1/2 hr $75

Foot Reflexology – 1hr Working all reflexes of the foot for a full body reset. Great for chronic and acute
conditions $75

Hand Reflexology- 1 hr Working all the Reflexes and some acupressure points of the Hand for a full
body reset Great for chronic and acute conditions $75

combo foot and hand treatment 1 1/2 hrs $90

Manzanere Method – 1/2 hr working only the specific reflexes related to the specific condition. Highly
recommended for Acute Trauma, inflammation and tension.. $40.00

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