Samantha Zagar

Holistic Health and Wildcrafting
A Whole Approach to (W)holistic Health
My name is Samantha Zagar.  I’ve been calling the beautiful Okanagan home for the last 8 years, and I’m the mother to a lovely 5 year old boy. Originally I came to attend UBCO to finish my Bachelors of Social work, but transitioned to natural health when I realized how valuable a more complimentary, and integrative approach would be. I’ve been a Holistic Health Practitioner for 7 years now, with an emphasis on wildcrafted herbalism, First Nations medicine, Ayurvedic philosophies, nutrition, fitness, relationships, spirituality, and Intuitive Energy Medicine. 
My goal is to get you out of what I call “Health Tunnel Vision”. Too often our scope of information becomes focused and limited, failing to take into consideration the much larger picture at play.  What will a session look like? Together we will blend a tea from my Wildcrafted Apothecary, and then I want to sit down with you and have a truly genuine and open conversation, where we look at all your concerns from a variety of angles. Together we’ll make a plan, and I will be fully accountable in my commitment to your wellness.
Education and curiosity are the foundation of my practice, and as such, you can guarantee that my deep, natural curiosity will continue to source new, relevant, and inspiring information to further the potential of myself and my clients.
Initial consultation 90 min – $100.00
Regular Session 60 min – $90.00
Quick check in 30 min – $50.00
Wellness package – Includes the Initial Consultation, three Regular Sessions, one Quick check in, and 30 minutes worth of additional texting/email for quick questions – $350.00
“You are not broken, but together, we’ll make a breakthrough.”